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Professional  aerial 

A birds eye view, for dramatic photography and stunning cinematography. 

We currently have four different drones that can provide a variety of different shots for different environments.

These drones can produce wide range of outputs from RAW, HD live, DNG and 5.2K to name but a few. 

This can be applied to commerail marketing, film and live TV.  Sky Iris can provide clients with the very best in aerial cinematograohy.


Aerial photography can not only be used for still scenery images but a variety of mapping, roof inspections and surveys.

With the vast variety of drones and cameras Sky Iris can provided the highest level of photography for all sectors in formats such as DNG, Jpeg and RAW.



Sky Iris is dedicated to providing high quality editing services.

Using Adobe Premiere cloud gives us access to very best in editing software.

The industry leading photo and video editing software helps us deliver the very best for our clients. 

Take a look below to find out what we specialize in, and get in touch with any additional questions or to learn more.


Live streaming

Our Aerial Filming Company provides HD live broadcasting services for a variety of events, ranging from sports events to news broadcasts. Addtionally we can use LiveU technology to ensure that you get the highest quality streaming experience possible.


Our team of experts will help you set up and manage your live stream, so you can focus on delivering the perfect broadcast.

MAPIN 2.png

Our aerial filming service is ideal for roof and building inspections.


Our experienced pilots and the latest drone technology allow us to capture detailed images and video of hard-to-reach areas, giving you a full view of your property's condition. With our help, you can quickly and easily identify any potential issues before they become a problem.


360 Drone footage

As well as standard filming we have equipment that can record 360 video at 5.7K whilst making the drone invisible at the same time.

Is can give amazing sphere like effect on drone footage. Additionally when editing this 360 footage the angle can be changed to any position.

Curent formats 5760x2880 at 30/25/24fps 3840x1920 at 50/30fps 3008x1504 at 100fps .

And some great features like: HDR, Timelapse, Bullet Time, Loop Recording



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