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Aerial Production

See the world from a new perspective with SKY IRIS. Our Suffolk-based aerial filming company will help you capture stunning footage of your special event or project.

We have our dedicated in house team of the best drone pilots and technicians with Immaculate safety records.

Take a look at our portfolio and services; we offer complete project management of obtaining CAA approved flights, flight planning, aerial filming and photography. We look forward to working with you on your project of any size and budget.


Our Show Reel is a compilation of the most stunning aerial footage we have captured over the years, demonstrating our expertise as a pioneering provider of drone services in Europe. We have been at the forefront of capturing the breathtaking landscapes of this region through aerial filming, and our showreel showcases the remarkable diversity of projects we have been a part of. From stunning mountain vistas, to bustling cityscapes, you will be amazed at the visuals we have captured. Our showreel is a testament to our experience and skill as a leading aerial filming company.




Sky Iris is dedicated to providing high quality editing services.

Using Adobe Premiere cloud gives us access to the very best in editing software.

The industry leading photo and video editing software helps us deliver the very best for our clients. 

Take a look below to find out what we specialise in, and get in touch with any additional questions or to learn more.


Professional aerial 

A birds eye view, for dramatic photography and stunning cinematography.


We have four different drones that  provide a variety of different shots for different environments.

These drones can produce a wide range of outputs from RAW, HD live, DNG and 5.2K to name but a few.


This can be applied to commercial marketing, film and live TV.  Sky Iris can provide clients with the very best in aerial cinematograohy.

MAPIN 2.png


In addition to aerial photography we offer mapping, roof inspections and surveys.


With state of the art technology we can provide aerial mapping for many different sectors including construction and agricultural.

These images can provide customers and their clients with health and safety records, company audits, compliance and construction expansion.

Drone Flying


Drone filming in the EU is governed by CAA & EASA.

Being CAA approved gives us the highest level of qualification for drone flying in the United Kingdom This gives us the flexibility and safety to fly with less restrictions when necessary whilst complying with the laws of the Civil Aviation Authority. 

In addition being EASA approved gives us access to fly drones in most of Europe. 

Our experienced team ensure the safety of both manned and unmanned aircraft in some of the busiest airspaces in the world.

With the necessary paperwork in place, will be able to fly almost anywhere in the Europe. 

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